Panasonic Lumix GH5 Preview

At Photokina 2016, Panasonic announced the development of its new flagship Micro Four Thirds camera, the Lumix GH5. This preview sums up what we know about this promising compact system camera so far.


Based on the prototype/mockup shown at Photokina, the Panasonic Lumix GH5 looks a lot like the current GH4 model. The camera’s external dimensions appear to be very similar, which may mean that you will be able to use your existing accessories with the GH5, once it hits the shelves in early 2017 – although this has yet to be confirmed. There are a few subtle changes though. The focus-assist/self-timer lamp has moved up a little to be in line with the ‘GH5’ inscription, the handgrip appears to have been slightly redesigned, and the shutter release is now sitting in a more centred position at the top of the grip. The top-mounted controls are almost identical to those of the Lumix GH4, but the Fn1 button has been repositioned to make room for the Movie record button, which now sits right behind the exposure compensation and ISO sensitivity control buttons.

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