Lenovo Yoga 910 vs HP Spectre X360: So alike, and yet just different enough

The Windows 10 notebook ecosystem has generated some excellent machines as a result of Intel’s Ultrabook and Microsoft’s Surface initiatives. Whether it’s traditional clamshell notebooks or 2-in-1 convertibles, there are numerous choices when it comes to thin and light machines with excellent performance and battery life.

Two options, HP’s newest Spectre X360 and Lenovo’s Yoga 910, are so close in terms of overall design that they’re hard to tell apart at first glance. They’re both convertible, flip-around 2-in-1s with relatively small bezels that allow their 13.3-inch screens to fit into unusually small chassis. They’re also both made of machined aluminum, and though they’re similar in many other facets, there are some distinguishing features that allow one of the machines to edge out the other in terms of performance and design.

Read on to find out which 2-in-1 represents the best use of your hard-earned dollars.

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