Emerson Sensi review

Emerson’s Sensi Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat doesn’t rely on algorithms, remote sensors, geofencing or any other high-end smarts a la Nest’s Learning Thermostat, Honeywell’s Lyric or the Ecobee3. In fact, it’s really just a basic-looking programmable thermostat with a related app. So, why should you buy it over the competition?


Let me count the ways:

  • It’s affordable — the Sensi has an MSRP of $160, but is widely available at stores like Home Depot for $129 and on Amazon for just $104. Nest and other connected models cost as much as $249. Amazon’s UK site lists Sensi for £341 through a reseller, so it’s much cheaper and easier to find in the US.
  • It’s easy to use — Both the thermostat and the app have thoughtful, logical layouts that make usability a breeze.
  • It works with Amazon’s Alexa — You can pair any Alexa-compatible device with Sensi for fast voice control integration.

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