HP Omen X VR Backpack Review

You’ve never seen a PC like HP’s Omen X Compact Desktop. It’s a powerful gaming rig, and it’s small enough to do double duty as a pseudo console under your TV. But it also has a built-in battery. And when attached to HP’s revamped VR backpack accessory and its mixed reality headset, you can experience high-end virtual reality in a completely new and freeing way. The only problem? The entire package will cost you close to $3,500. That puts it far out of reach for the vast majority of gamers, even those who don’t mind shelling out for the latest hardware.


HP’s Omen X Compact Desktop is expensive, but it’s an ingenious gaming device. It can handle all of your PC gaming needs, but you can also throw it in a backpack for lan parties, or place it right alongside your game consoles.

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