Hands-on : HP Wave Crams Full PC in a Speaker

The living room used to be the domain of the television flanked by a sound system, cable or satellite system and maybe a gaming console or two. Now PC makers are making a case for why they should have a place on your living room table. Case in point: HP’s new Pavilion Wave desktop.

Starting at $529 on available starting Sept. 16, this Windows 10 PC looks more like an Amazon Echo clone (albeit, a large one) than a full-fledged computer, but I soon learned that looks can definitely be deceiving.


This is one of the most natty desktops I’ve seen in awhile. The Wave’s 6.4-pound, 6.8 x 6.6 x 9.30-inch triangular form is wrapped in black and white fabric that’s stylish and grippable. One portion of the triangle holds the motherboard while another houses the hard drive; the remaining side has heat pipes that direct heat away from the other two sides and out the top of the system.

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