Hands on: HP Omen X Compact Desktop review

Until someone figures out lag-free, wireless virtual reality (VR) from a PC or develops an standalone headset that can match PC-grade VR, we’re going to be stuck with backpack PCs. Knowing this, HP has gone and crafted arguably the most impressive one yet: its new HP Omen X Compact Desktop.

First seen around this time last year in a prototype state, to call this simply a backpack PC would be a sore oversight, as this PC doubles as both a powerful compact gaming PC that stands vertically on an included dock and one that can be strapped to your back for tether-free VR with an HTC Vive.

In a way, it’s a Nintendo Switch-like concept that could see PC gamers moving their prospective Omen X throughout the house, between their desk, their TV and on their back in between. Frankly, it’s mighty impressive, despite not getting to test its VR performance during a recent preview event held by HP in New York City.

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