MSI Trident Review : A True Console Killer

Kết quả hình ảnh cho MSI Trident

Most modern gaming PCs are either built to immerse you in virtual reality or are fighting for a spot in your entertainment center. The MSI Trident is a wonderful marriage of both. This desktop’s exceptionally compact design gives the PS4 and Xbox One a genuine run for their money, while the Trident’s custom Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card and convenient port layout make enjoying virtual reality in your living room easy. Although limited configurations and a lack of easy upgradability hamper this machine, the MSI Trident is the best attempt I’ve seen yet at luring console fans into the world of PC gaming.

Design and Lighting

There are tons of compact gaming PCs out there, but few look as hand-built for the living room as the MSI Trident does. This striking desktop’s sleek angles and mix of glossy and matte-black plastic take some cues from the PS4 and Xbox One, though its glowing LED lights and exposed GPU fan clearly identify this machine as a different kind of beast.

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