Gemini PDA review: We’ve come a long way since keyboards

The sun may have set on the phone-with-a-keyboard phenomenon, but there are still people who pine for physical keys. Armed with a deca-core processor, Android, all the wireless connections you need and slots for SIM and microSD cards, the Gemini ($599, by Planet Computers) is a refreshing proposition to those frustrated with the port-less, key-less mobiles of today. (And yes, it even has a headphone jack.) But I’ll warn you now, the touchscreen world has come a long way in recent years — so much so that you might find a keyboard isn’t as helpful as you hoped and can even be a hindrance.


The Gemini is a device that will endear a few and frustrate the many. Using this as your primary mobile device soon becomes impractical if you rely on easy access to your phone’s homescreen. However, if you just want a connected, highly portable device to type on in short bursts, that’s ripe for customization, the Gemini could be for you.

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