Audi A7 review: A tech-packed grand tourer

The launch of the Audi A8 was the start of something new. While Audi seems to release lots of new cars all the time, the Audi A7 is one of new generation: its modern exterior meets a vastly updated interior compared to the older model, complete with new technology that’ll wipe out everything you’ve learnt about Audi interiors over the last 10 years.

This car, like the Audi A8, is designed to achieve level 3 autonomy in its lifetime. This car will, via a smartphone app, park itself in your garage (after an upgrade). But unlike the A8, this isn’t a limousine for executive transfer – it’s a premium grand touring 5-door coupe for the executive to drive.

Each of those descriptive words is important because it outlines the broad ambitions of the new A7: premium goes with the brand; grand touring signifies power and luxury for long drives; the 5-door coupe part tells you it’s still practical. So how well does it balance this trio?

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