Wild McLaren Senna LM 25 in the works

Former McLaren race team to pay tribute 25th anniversary of Le Mans win with special Senna inspired by F1 GTR race car

Following on from McLaren’s 720S Le Mans limited edition Lanzante, the team that took the famous 1995 win, will pay its own tribute to the F1 GTR victory with a seven-car run of LM 25s.

Rumoured to be based on the British car-maker’s hard-core McLaren Senna, officially, Lanzante has not released any detail of its upcoming hypercar, other than revealing the ‘LM 25’ name on its Instagram account.

When the Lanzante LM 25 arrives, it will follow both the P1 LM that was introduced in 2016 and the small run of road-legal P1 GTR-18s that were announced back in April.

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