Toyota Mirai Hits the Water as Powertrain for a Yanmar Fuel-Cell Boat

The fuel-cell Toyota takes to the high seas, and just like on land, it’s the cruising range that everybody cares about most.

One of the most obvious effects of climate change is a rise in sea levels. So it makes sense that at least some oceangoing vessels are being developed that won’t contribute carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and thus raise those levels even further. You can find one example of green boat technology hidden in the hull of a new boat from Yanmar Holdings. The boat’s hydrogen-powered fuel-cell system uses parts from the powertrain in the Toyota Mirai.

Yanmar announced its new boat as part of a memorandum of understanding the company has signed with Toyota. The mission is to “develop a hydrogen fuel-cell system for maritime applications.” Toyota’s contribution includes the high-pressure hydrogen tanks used in the Mirai. Yanmar wants to create a H2 powertrain that is easy to install and has “superior cruising range.” That sounds familiar.

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