We need to talk about the Polestar 1

Until now, Polestar has been relying on “I didn’t expect a Volvo to drive like this!” to stand out in the auto industry. This week, we got to see the next act for the newly-established EV automaker. The Polestar 1 may have relatively tiny production numbers in mind – just 500 cars per year – but it stands a chance of starting some big dominos toppling.

Volvo doesn’t have a bad track record with coupes, though they’re hardly the cars the automaker is best known for. The C70, discontinued in 2013, never really set the world alight, despite Volvo paying to have it featured in 1997 Val Kilmer movie “The Saint“. Maybe that’s because the movie itself was pretty terrible.

Look further back, though, and you find the Volvo P1800, made between 1961 and 1973. That was much more appealing – it also got to star alongside Roger Moore in the far-more-successful original TV version of “The Saint” – and there are hints of Pietro Frua’s design in the Polestar 1.

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