VW I.D. VIZZION bets you’ll swap your steering wheel for luxury

Volkswagen is adding a new, even smarter model to its I.D. family of all-electric concepts, with the VW I.D. VIZZION previewing its, well, vision of tomorrow’s autonomous transportation. While the concept car may not be an outlandish coupe or a go-everywhere SUV, it does have what’s arguably an even tougher challenge ahead of it. Persuading people that driverless vehicles can still forge an emotional connection.

It’s no small issue. The arguments in favor of removing flesh & blood participants from the driving process are numerous, which advocates pointing out that autonomous cars will eventually be safer and more convenient than the vehicles we have today. However there’s more to driving than getting from point A to point B, and those who get pleasure from the process have been skeptical about whether handing over the reins to a robot car will be quite as appealing.

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