The new racing Ferrari 296 GT3 with increased downforce by 20% is presented

Ferrari… What other name causes such an amazing thrill in the hearts of fans? What other team do the crowds of loyal fans follow from year to year, from country to country? What other brand can boast of such invincible loyalty and loyalty of millions of its fans, despite the lack of victories in Formula 1 over the past 11 years — and 12 in the individual standings? The answer is no. This unique team attracts all those who are not indifferent to motorsport and speed, and it is unknown what is the reason for this — the sonorous phonetics of the name, the charisma of the creator and leader, the bright red color of the livery, the continuous productive march through 70 years of racing history – or the whole combination of factors?

Scuderia has always focused its main attention on Formula 1. To date, Ferrari has 16 titles there in the Constructors’ Cup and 15 in the individual competition. It was supported by the most famous pilots. And even though the team has been storming in recent years, the period of serenity is not far off.

Ferrari has always been an inaccessible symbol of speed, beauty and luxury,  a car only for wealthy gentlemen and a select circle. But the world is changing, and now you can rent elite supercars easily. You just have to type the phrase Ferrari for rent into any Internet search engine, and you will get enough links to rental offices specializing in hiring supercars around the world.

The company from Maranello has already presented a development plan until 2026. It implies the release of 15 new models, a gradual transition to electrified power plants, and increased profitability while maintaining the exclusivity of the brand’s cars. In particular, Ferrari has recently introduced a new racing sports car called the Ferrari 296 GT3. It is equipped with a V6 turbo engine mounted at the rear, and a new aerodynamic body kit that provides downforce 20% greater than that of the predecessor 288 GT3.

The engine will have a 120-degree camber of the cylinder blocks. It will have two turbochargers. This arrangement is optimal in terms of mass, the center of gravity, and compactness. The power plant, although race-oriented, has been modified to reduce fuel consumption without compromising performance.

A 6-speed “robot” with one clutch is used as a gearbox. The transmission is designed specifically for the 296 GT3 models. An interesting fact: the generator is mounted on the gearbox housing because it seemed better to the engineers in terms of layout.

The cockpit of the car is designed from scratch. When creating it, the wishes of the racers and private customers of the brand were taken into account. It is noted that the new “salon” has better visibility and ergonomics than the previous model.

The car meets all FIA requirements in the GT3 category. The car for sure will suit, as the Italian manufacturer himself writes, “teams, professional pilots and gentleman racers.”

The novelty will be assembled at the facilities of ORECA. The first car built has already covered 8000 test kilometers. Shipments to customers will start at the end of the year, and the racing debut of the 296 GT3 is scheduled for the January 2023 daily marathon in Daytona, 50 years after the last appearance of the Ferrari factory team in the top class of Le Man racing.

The final price of the latest model has not yet been announced, Ferrari only reported that it will not be much higher than the previous 488 GT3 Evo. The company traditionally does not disclose the cost of its racing cars, but sources estimate the previous model at 500 thousand dollars plus taxes.

From 2024, GT3 vehicles will be scheduled to compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the WEC Marathon championship, replacing the current GTE cars. Now it is possible to compete in DTM and the World GT championship.

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