Hyundai’s Self-Driving Ioniq Review : Amazingly Smart, Can Cause Road Rage

Taking a Spin in Hyundai’s Self-Driving Ioniq

I’ve been testing a new car, but I never actually drove it. That’s because it drives itself.

It’s the shape of things to come: autonomous vehicles rolling along without human drivers. Hyundai is the latest automaker to take the wraps off of its self-driving technology. For Hyundai, this comes in the form of research versions of the company’s new Ioniq.

Image: Nick Bush/Tom's Guide

I rode along with an engineer from Hyundai, recording the journey as we traversed the streets of Las Vegas. The test vehicles, with large “Autonomous” decals emblazoned on the sides, were two Ioniq compact cars, an EV (or electric vehicle) model and a hybrid version. Both will appear early next year in nonautonomous form. A plug-in hybrid version will follow later in the year.

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