Ford Active Drive Assist adds hands-free Mustang Mach-E driving: The details

Ford promised hands-free driving for the new Mustang Mach-E, and now it’s explaining how it’ll deliver that, with a new system designed to leapfrog Autopilot and Super Cruise in the automaker’s EV. Part of the freshly-updated Ford Co-Pilot360 system, Active Drive Assist will use a combination of attention monitoring and various sensors to support hands-free driving on over 100,000 miles of divided highways in the US and Canada.

Ford has had adaptive cruise control for some time now, which can track the speed of the vehicle in front and help with lane-keeping. Where Active Drive Assist differs, however, is in allowing drivers to actually take their hands off the wheel and – while the system is running – keep them off. Currently, you’d need to be regularly applying some degree of torque to the wheel in order to satisfy the system that you’re poised and ready to take over.

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