Starting in 2024, Full Mercedes-Benz Lineup Will Have Autonomous Capability

Newly announced partnership with Nvidia will include over-the-air upgrades and could even yield a Mercedes App Store.

When planning for the future, it doesn’t hurt to give yourself some options. Last year, for example, Mercedes-Benz and BMW announced that they would work together on autonomous passenger cars that would be available to private customers starting in 2024. Last week, that cooperation effort was put on hold and then this week, Mercedes announced a new partnership with Nvidia on automated-driving technology to be trolled out in new Benzes starting in 2024.

Even though that could be read as Daimler swapping out BMW for Nvidia for its upcoming AV tech, the reality is a bit more complicated. A Mercedes-Benz spokesperson told Car and Driver that the cooperation with Nvidia is independent from the one that was planned with BMW. “The timing with planned models from BMW did not fit, that is why we put the cooperation on hold and may resume later,” she said. “With Nvidia we are looking at a software-defined architecture for automated driving features. This is different to what was planned with BMW.”

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