Anker Soundcore Rave Neo review: Fat, punchy bass for the dance floor

Flashy lights and kickin’ low-end output highlight this Bluetooth speaker that can simulcast with hordes of its brethren

If you’re looking for a speaker to inspire wholesale shuffling at your next party, then Anker’s $99 Soundcore Rave Neo is just what you’re looking for. It’s loud with a tight, thumpy low end that will promote all sorts of rhythmic action and thoughts. (It had my roommate Bridget dancing in zero seconds flat).

Audiophile, it’s not, but that’s not its gig and the Rave Neo renders the desired effect when in its element.

Design and features

The Soundcore Rave Neo is an upright, monophonic speaker that measures a little more than 11 inches tall, about 5.5 inches at its thickest, and roughly 7 inches wide. It weighs in at a little less than 7 pounds, but an easy-on-the-hands, fabric-covered strap makes for easy toting.

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