Amazon Cloud Cam Review: Alexa will see you now

Alexa is already listening to you, but now the Amazon Cloud Cam wants to watch you, too. The retailer’s first connected security camera may not be the first to market, but it does offer some competitive cloud storage pricing and is an integral part of Amazon Key. Question is, with heavyweights like Nest already well associated with the smart security space, can the Amazon Cloud Cam hold up to scrutiny?

Hardware and design

Were I a member of the design team at Nest, I might have done a double-take when Amazon first revealed the Cloud Cam. There’s a striking similarity between Amazon’s new camera and the Nest Cam IQ, with their white cylindrical bodies, black fascias, and slender stands. Unsurprisingly, given the Cloud Cam is also less than half the price, it’s not quite so sleek overall: glossy plastic where Nest uses matte, a less sturdy-feeling hinge, and a cable that, rather than being integrated with the stand, sticks out the back.

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