2019 Renault Megane RS v Ford Focus RS v Honda Civic Type R comparison

Editor’s note: the video above focuses largely on the track prowess of these three cars, while this written review will stick to their performance on the road.

Does the perfect hot hatch exist? Is your perfect hot hatch someone else’s nightmare ride? The latter scenario is probably more likely, but to put the theory to the test, we’ve pitted the all-new Renault Megane RS280 against the reigning champs from our recent hot hatch mega test.

Here to form a welcoming committee for the new Frenchy stand our mega test runner-up, the Ford Focus RS, and the supreme champion from that bout, the Honda Civic Type R.

On looks alone, these three take conventional small hatchbacks and turn them into new and exciting performance machines in distinctly different ways.

Similarly, despite working towards the same goal (maximum grunt, that is), there’s a fair spread of difference in the mechanical department along with a slew of similarities, but I’ll delve into that a little deeper in a moment.

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