2018 BMW M2 Review : Road Test – Don’t mess with success! BMW plays it safe with M2

The BMW M2 has been an unqualified success since its 2016 launch. The more mature, better-sorted successor to the 1 Series M is a mini-M4 with maxi attitude and sporting prowess. For 2018 BMW has made some minor changes, but nothing fans should be worried about.

Love that car

Here at motoring.com.au global headquarters we officially love the BMW M2.

The two-door four-seater’s review scores have always been high and it was even declared the 2016 Australia’s Best Driver’s Car, beating a Porsche 911 along the way.

And we’re not the only people the BMW M2 is popular with in Australia. It’s the top selling M model Down Under where we rank third, globally, as an M2 market.

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