2018 iPad vs. Acer Chromebook Tab 10: education showdown

Last week, two tech giants made a big attempt at grabbing our future. Google and Apple, long-time rivals and frenemies, announced two education-centric device. Both are interesting in their own right. One is the first Chrome OS tablet, the other the first non-Pro tablet that supports the Apple Pencil. Both are trying to sell themselves not just to individual buyers or even students but to educational institutions and school districts as well. Given a choice between the 2018 iPad and the Acer Chromebook Tab 10, which should consumers and educators choose? We took seven key factors and made the two tablets face off to find out.


Spec sheets will be one of the first things people will consider but, at the end of the day, they might not actually mean that much in practice. Real-world performance, not benchmarks, will be the true litmus test and when it comes to these two, it’s almost like apples and oranges, pardon the pun.

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