Edwards Audio Apprentice MM review

In the five years that have passed since we tested the Rega Fono Mini A2D, it’s become our go-to phono stage costing less than £100/$100.

So it is with some satisfaction (and relief) we announce we now have an alternative entry-level phono stage we can get behind.

Build and features

As plug-in-and-play goes, rarely has there been so literal an example. Edwards Audio’s Apprentice MM doesn’t even have a power switch.

A small red LED shines when it’s connected to the mains – once you’ve connected your turntable and amplifier, it’s ready to go.

Edwards Audio says the Apprentice MM uses a circuit similar to its more expensive MM1 phono stage, with passive treble and active bass equalisation. The cost is kept down with initiatives such as the double-U case.

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