2017 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Review – Turbo all the things

Brand purists are simultaneously the best and worst buyers a car company can have flocking to its showrooms, and few automakers understand this better than Porsche. While it’s an ego boost to have a loyal group of followers celebrating your heritage, that same cohort can turn on you in a heartbeat should it feel that the march of progress has in some way desecrated the traditions that they hold most dear. Still, this hasn’t kept the German sport car builder from pushing past the boundaries of its own illustrious past, first with front-engine V8s (the 928), then while swapping air-cooled sixes for modern water-cooled designs (the 996), and now by going all-in on the turbo zeitgeist with the 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera.

If it comes across as strange that a car company would catch heat from fans for having the audacity to actually boost the power and responsiveness of its most iconic vehicles, welcome to the terrordome that is Internet owner’s clubs. Fortunately, the last time I checked, the real world still trumps the virtual one when it comes to determining whether a change like the new range of engines offered by the revised 911 Carrera will be a net positive. After a week behind the wheel of the Carrera 4S, it’s impossible to imagine anyone granted a similar amount of seat time will be pining all that hard for the ghost of Porsches past.


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