Let’s be honest, the term “practical supercar” makes about as much sense as a screen door on a submarine. A supercar is by definition an extreme being, one designed to be focused, unforgiving, and bold. But perhaps this is an outdated way of thinking. Modern supercars often toe the line between luxury car and performance car, using tech like adaptive suspensions and configurable driving modes to transform their characters. Few are actually practical though, which is why McLaren’s 570GT caught my eye.


In McLaren’s own words, the 570GT is “for the journey” while the hardcore 570S is “for the thrill.”  That means the GT is softer and more pragmatic than its cousins, dialing back the intensity for a more comfortable experience. But just how much muzzling did McLaren do? Has this bulldog lost its bite? Thankfully, many of my questions were answered right away.

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