Nokia 6 release vs Galaxy J7 Prime: 5 reasons to choose either

The Nokia 6 and the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime are set to be released this year, making way for a midrange smartphone era like none other. Here in the year 2017, we’re past the time at which “midrange” is treated like a dirty word. Instead, components from the high end have been produced so long and expectations have come so far that even the midrange, low cost devices on the market today are top notch. They may not be as superior as the devices that cost $800 and up, but they don’t need to be – these cost under $300!

To be especially clear from the outset – we’ve not gotten hands-on time with either of these devices yet. They’re still being prepped for release – but we’ll see them soon. For now we’re running down the specs, and checking out how the market has allowed components from the high-end of years past to come inexpensive to all users today.

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