2015 – 2017 Moto Guzzi Audace / Audace Carbon Review

“Audace” translates to audacious, daring or innovative— a fitting moniker for Moto Guzzi’s heavyweight cruiser Audace, and its carbon-fiber sibling, the Audace Carbonunveiled at the 2016 INTERMOT. These rides sport the typical, transverse-mount V-twin that gives MG products away at a glance, with 80-plus cubic-inches and almost 90 pound-feet of fun… er, I mean torque, on tap. Though it technically falls just shy of full-on, power-cruiser status, it’s close enough for government work and will likely appeal to the same sort of rider. So how does it stacks up in the U.S. market?


’Guzzi borrowed heavily from the classic American-cruiser look, much like it did with the Eldorado and California . The Audace looks solid and heavy, mainly because it is heavy, with a 659-pound wet weight and engine compartment that’s full-up every which way.

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