Canon EOS M6 preview: Canon’s top-end mirrorless, minus the viewfinder

The Canon take on the mirrorless camera market has been interesting (you can read that as generally disappointing): having lackadaisically introduced the sub-par M-series system in a bid to – and this is how we see it – avoid undercutting its own DSLR business, it had taken Canon years to establish a more viable M-series camera. That happened in 2016 with its M5.

Move into 2017 and the Japanese maker is concentrating its moves in mirrorless, with the step-up EOS M6 further enhancing the line-up with a more comprehensive control system and minus the built-in viewfinder. It’s altogether less DSLR-styled.

As we said of the M5, Canon has finally reached a point where its product is competitive. Albeit, at a point in time when its competitors are often a step ahead in terms of focus ability, design and lens range.

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