The Best Kit for the Traveling Documentary Photographer

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It’s time to travel again! Parts of the world are opening back up, and folks are eager to explore again. Bringing along the right camera can sometimes be confusing. We’ve done a lot of traveling over the years, and we learned that some gear just holds up better to sudden changes than others. It’s fair to expect your camera gear to handle changing conditions the same way your phone can. And of course, it’s obvious that you’d want the best image quality. So, we put together a great kit for you that will have the documentary photographer covered for most situations.

Editor’s Note: This Essentials post is presented by Leica. We worked with Leica to choose the products listed here. But we wouldn’t have approved them if we hadn’t tested and reviewed them ourselves. This roundup consists of products that you can find full, non-sponsored reviews for on our website. And we use these very often.

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