20 Terrible Tips for Better Photography You Need in Your Life

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There are lots of great tutorials out there to teach you all about how to take better photos. Some are better than others. But there’s a major lack of photography content out there teaching you awful tips. For example, did you know that you only become a better photographer by trolling in comments? Clearly, you’re thinking about making yourself look better as a photographer absolutely wrong. The real idea is to find a way to make everyone else look bad. That’s the only way that you’ll be successful. And we can learn this from history by looking at the feud between Edison and Tesla.

Years ago, my mentor told me about some very important things that photographers used to do to one another. When they were on the sidelines, they’d use earwax to smudge a competing photographer’s lens. Then they couldn’t get the images they needed. Of course, those days are gone now. What you’re supposed to do instead is just tarnish their reputation.

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