Pyle SereneLife Action! Review : Cheap GoPro Knockoff

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Pyle SereneLife Action!

It might look eerily like a GoPro, but the Pyle SereneLife Action! Camera is nothing like the class leader when it comes to performance. The camera’s image quality was unfathomably bad: overexposed, underexposed and murky, and with horribly inaccurate color.

Given all that, the ability to shoot at 4K resolution doesn’t mean much. Bad is bad, no matter how many pixels.

The Action costs less than half as much as premium cameras from GoPro and Garmin, but it’s not worth even that price. If you want to save money, go instead with the GoPro Hero Session — a great model from 2015 that’s now a great deal at about $200.

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