Insignia NS-55D510NA17 HD TV Review : Big Screen Lacks Definition

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Insignia NS-55

Simply buying the biggest display you can afford may not always be the best strategy when shopping for a TV. Best Buy’s 55-inch Insignia NS-55D510NA17 is a case in point. The high-definition (1080p) Insignia NS-55D510NA17 looks attractive on paper, priced at just $400 with enough connections to handle most home-theater setups. At this price, it’s not a surprise that the TV doesn’t support the higher-resolution 4K Ultra HD or HDR formats. It’s disappointing, however, that this Insignia set lacks some critical functions — such as built-in Wi-Fi and smart-TV features — and its color accuracy is far from perfect.

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