Panasonic GH5S vs Sony A7s II – The 10 Main Differences

The GH series from Panasonic has always been more video-centric in the eyes of consumers despite offering an equal set of features for stills as well. But in the case of the GH5s, we have a product that is all about the movie capabilities in that it targets professional filmmakers and production companies more than ever before.

The new camera is a direct rival to another product that focuses more on video than stills and has been very popular amongst video makers: the Sony A7s mark II. Of course, the question on all our minds is: how do they compare?

1. Sensor

Unsurprisingly we begin with one of the most important differences: the sensor size. The Sony uses a 35mm format sensor that is four times larger than the four thirds chip found inside the Lumix camera. However the way in which these two sensors have been designed follows a similar logic.

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