How FDA approval affects your wearables, and how it’s going to change

What you need to know about wearables and the FDA

In the past couple of years, as tech companies have increased their interest in digital health and wearables, we’ve seen a lot of them hit a regulation-based firewall.

That wall is the US Food and Drug Administration, and companies are a little wary of actually running into the FDA when they put together their health devices.

But why, and why do companies even need the FDA’s approval when they put together their (potentially) life-saving devices? That’s what we’ll walk you through right here.

What the heck is the FDA?

Established way back in 1906, the FDA is a government body in the US that protects and promotes public health. It does this by making sure that some of the products we use are safe, and that the food we stuff in our mouths is Ok to eat.

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