Impossible I-1 Instant Camera Review

Impossible I 1 Camera (2)

The Impossible I-1 Instant camera is the first new camera to use the original Polaroid photo format in over 20 years. Tghe camera has a host of innovative features that look to give instant photography a modern makeover, whilst still retaining the most important thing – instant images.  The camera has a built in ring flash, and an app can be downloaded to bring you more versatility when shooting, including a remote trigger. The Impossible I-1 is available for £229/$343.


The I-1 is a geometric masterpeice of design with a stylish matt black finish. The camera takes original Polaroid format film, something which Impossible labs have been producing successfully for a number of years now. I-Type film is available in packs of 8 instant images and currently black and white and colour film are available widely.

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