Polaroid’s new Now+ instant camera uses your smartphone to unlock specialized capture modes

Polaroid has announced the Polaroid Now+, a new i-Type instant camera that offers a unique feature set via Bluetooth connectivity. The Polaroid Now+ looks similar

Polaroid Now Plus instant camera does filters the old fashioned way

Polaroid has announced a new version of its Polaroid Now camera, with the Plus variant adding new filters into the box and giving photographers a

Polaroid Now+ Review

Polaroid is following last year’s Now instant camera with a Bluetooth-connected model, fittingly called the Now+ ($149.99). For an extra $50, the Now+ includes features

The Polaroid Now+ is the most versatile instant camera Polaroid has made so far

Polaroid’s instant cameras might be known for their point-and-shoot simplicity, but the new Bluetooth-equipped Polaroid Now+ has landed to give analogue snappers some new tricks

The Best Instant Cameras That Embrace Nostalgia

Capture Summer ’21 like it’s Summer ’97. Polaroid closed its last factory in 2008 and a little bit of everyone’s childhood died. In the past

Is Polaroid Actually Real Film? Comparing Polaroid, Instax, and Zink

Instant film is fun in so many different ways. You can shoot a photo of someone and give them the print. You can capture fun

Polaroid Go vs Polaroid Now: which is the best instant camera for you?

The Polaroid Go is officially the world’s smallest analogue instant camera, and the new baby of the Polaroid line-up. But being small in stature doesn’t

Polaroid Go review

Instant cameras are supposed to be about fun, but their bulky nature usually means planning ahead when taking one out with you. Not so with

The Polaroid Go is a compact, modern tribute to the original Polaroid One Step

Polaroid has announced the Polaroid Go, a compact, wearable instant camera designed as an homage to the iconic rainbow-stripe Polaroid One Step from yesteryear. ‘The

Polaroid Go is the world’s smallest analogue instant camera

Polaroid has taken on Instax Mini cameras by launching what it claims is the world’s smallest analogue instant camera, the Polaroid Go. The new compact

Is there any Android-App like ‘8mm Vintage Camera App

There is a flawless and splendid app, just like an 8mm Vintage camera app that lets you upload photos on Instagram with full confidence.   Photographers

Polaroid Go Shrinks The Instant Camera Into A Pocket-Sized Device

Who would have thought that in the age of impeccably good smartphone cameras, Polaroid’s instant prints will still be a thing? Yes, people love immediately

Top Instant Film Cameras You Can Buy Under PHP 5,000

I know most of us dreamt of having the famous Polaroid OneStep instant film camera like those we’ve seen in movies, but yeah, that thing

InstantKon SF70: A fully manual Polaroid SX-70 that takes cheaper Instax film

The InstantKon SF70 is an instant camera that combines the best of all worlds – and its Kickstarter has smashed its target Analog camera specialist

Best instant camera 2020: The best Polaroid and Fuji Instax cameras for retro snaps

Embrace the cool retro charm of instant photography with our round up of the best instant cameras from Polaroid and Instax Instant cameras making a

Polaroid Hopes the Force Is with the New Mandalorian™ Polaroid Now

The Mandalorian™ Polaroid Now camera will be joined by child themed instant i-Type color film too. Ah, Star Wars. The epic space franchise that keeps

Canon’s Ivy Cliq+ 2 instant camera can print circular stickers

Photographers rejoiced when Polaroid brought back the square instant print with its digital printers, but Canon is bringing a new format to its latest round

The LomoGraflok 4×5 Instant Back lets you capture Instax Wide images with large format cameras

Lomography is back with the announcement of its latest, well, back. The LomoGraflok 4×5 Instant Back is the world’s first Instant Back for 4×5 cameras designed for

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Polaroid Now instant camera launches with redesigned autofocus system

The camera maker has gone back to its roots with a return to the Polaroid name for its latest instant camera, the Polaroid Now.  Polaroid –

Polaroid Now review

It took the best part of a decade, but what began as the Impossible Project has managed to bring Polaroid back from the brink. Previously

Hasselback Portrait Lets You Shoot Instax Mini Film With Hasselblad V-System Cameras

If you’ve been hoping to shoot instant film with your Hasselblad V-System camera, there’s finally a camera back that will let you do so with

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This supermarket special Polaroid 4K TV is much better than you might expect Even the most optimistic of tech buyers would have limited expectations of

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Faux leather wraps, silver trim, and mechanical control dials bring a vintage look to some modern digital cameras — but those trends look like costume

Canon’s ZoeMini S is a cross between a compact cam and instant printer

Canon’s original Zoemini was part of a wave of mini instant printers that arrived last year to give you little Polaroid-style souvenirs from parties and

Lomography Lomo’Instant Wide Review

Lomo’s latest instant camera goes widescreen for a more cinematic vibe What is the Lomo’Instant Wide? This is Lomography’s second instant camera, and the first

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Instant photography has had something of a resurgence over the past few years. There are companies utilising Polaroid technology to create new and exciting cameras

Guide to instant camera and polaroid film

With the launch of the Fujifilm instax Square SQ6 just announced (15th May 2018), we thought we’d celebrate the world of instant cameras. The instant print camera