Fuji S9400W Review — First Impressions

The Fuji FinePix S9400W comes as an update to the SLR-like superzoom S8400W that Fujifilm introduced last March, providing a healthy boost to the zoom range over its predecessor with a new Fujinon lens boasting a 50x optical zoom range and Fuji’s 5-Axial Optical Image Stabilization system. With this new lens, the S9400W has 35mm-equivalent field of view range of 24mm at the wide end to a whopping 1200mm at telephoto. Like we said with the previous model, to get this kind of zoom range with a full-sized SLR would not only put a major dent in your wallet, it would also be some serious weight and bulk to carry around. The Fujifilm S9400W offers this impressive optical zoom range in one single, lightweight and relatively compact package.

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