Dji Inspire 2 Preview

DJI’s ready-to-fly professional camera drone, the Inspire 1, has for the most part gone unchallenged since it launched two years ago. Compared to the company’s Phantom line and new Mavic Pro, though, its tech is showing its age. That changes now.


The Inspire 2 looks essentially the same as the first-gen model, but this time it’s made from magnesium-aluminum alloy, which DJI says increases stiffness to help flying while reducing weight. The weight reduction is mainly just to increase battery life — while it’s easy enough to pick up, it’s really designed to be transported in a flight case, probably in the back of a car.

You might have noticed in the picture above that it has dual sensors in front for obstacle avoidance (there’s a set on the bottom as well), but it also has infrared sensors on top of the aircraft to help keep you from crashing when flying in enclosed spaces or, where we were, on a go-kart track in a warehouse in East London.

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