2018 Mercedes-AMG GT / GT C Roadster – First Ride Review

AMG chairman Tobias Moers is pushing his brand’s pedal to the floor. Two years after unveiling the spectacular Mercedes-AMG GT coupe, Daimler’s high-performance sub-brand displayed a droptop derivative in September, and now we’ve been invited to ride along with Moers in prototypes undergoing testing late in the development process.

Where else to exercise the GT roadster than in and around Las Vegas? Sin City is a perfect place to sample the GT roadster: The city embodies money and glitz, and the surrounding landscape of otherworldy terrain and deep canyons is lined with many wide-open—and lightly patrolled—highways.

Both a standard GT roadster and a more powerful GT C roadster were on hand, the cars being en route from the West Coast to proving grounds near Phoenix, Arizona. Is AMG not testing in Death Valley? “Not anymore,” says Moers, noting that his team made its last trip there in 2015. “We can test everything in Arizona,” he says. And Arizona allows for more easily reproduced conditions and nearly as much heat—but at a private facility where there are no interruptions from police, nosy tourists with smartphones, or prowling spy photographers.

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