Cherry Mobile Taiji Initial Hands-on Review : Niche But Cool

A few weeks ago, Cherry Mobile’s upcoming dual-screened phone the Taiji, was leaked on the interwebs. The Taiji is quite an interesting phone because it’s the first locally-branded devices that has a secondary e-ink display on its back. And while the usefulness of that display is debatable, there’s no getting away from the fact that it looks freaking cool.


Initial impressions : Read entire books without draining your battery

Electronic ink displays aren’t new – they’re the display technology that’s used by Amazon on their Kindle book readers that have been on the market for a while now. And they’re incredibly effective at what they do, giving e-books insane battery life on a single charge, thanks to the power-efficient nature of e-ink.

It’s not surprising then that companies like Cherry Mobile and Yota before them have integrated this technology into phones. The theory is that a large amount of screen time on a typical mobile phone is spent reading and digesting content like books, PDFs and news sites, and replying to messages, emails and text.

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