DETU Sphere S 360° Camera Hands-on, Quick Review

Despite being around for a few years already, consumer 360° cameras are still very niche products that even professional creators are still figuring out how to utilize them as creative tools. It is also safe to say that the 360° format is still very much in its infancy, but I digress. Getting started in 360° photography and videography is now easier and more affordable than ever.

Nowadays, it’s very easy to pick up a simple 360° camera and join the crusade in finding ways that we can use these cameras as creators. One such camera is the DETU Sphere S, a tiny bullet-shaped camera that you use by pairing it with your smartphone. On the surface, it looks very simple, but is that where its simplicity ends?

The answer to that question will be tackled later on in the review. To begin, let’s take it out of the box.

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