WiSA—the Wireless Speaker & Audio Association—plans to make some noise at CES

The promise is high-resolution home theater sound that’s free of wires.

Streaming 4K video around the house is piece of cake for modern high-end routers, so why do our high-end home theaters still depend on wires to deliver surround sound? WiSA—the Wireless Speaker & Audio Association—says we shouldn’t. The group aims to make a bigger noise at CES next week than in years past, with big-name companies including LG, Klipsch, and Harman announcing new WiSA-compatible products.

enclave wisa

LG’s senior director of product marketing Tim Alessi, hails WiSA technology as a “tremendous benefit that consumers will enjoy in taking advantage of truly immersive wireless sound that complements all kinds of big screen home entertainment.”

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