The C64 Mini review: Nostalgia’s not enough

Memory’s a weird thing, isn’t it? Your brain records every moment in your life and locks it away forever. And then suddenly, a sound, a smell, a piece of beige plastic can send you tumbling back to a different time. Sitting on the floor of my office, unboxing the C64 Mini, I wasn’t 33 anymore but eight, sitting at the blue formica table in the corner of my bedroom. In front of me was a hand-me-down Commodore from my neighbor, an engineer who taught himself BASIC in his semi-retirement. He chain-smoked cigars and was never without a tin of stout in his hand, smells that permeated the skin of this computer, never to be washed away.

It’s these pangs of nostalgia that British company Retro Games Ltd. is looking to take advantage of to sell a “mini” version of the Commodore 64. For the uninitiated, the microcomputer was the computer of the ’80s and the first machine that many folks ever got their hands on. Even in Great Britain, which had been the crucible of the Sinclair vs. Acorn battle, Commodore holds a special place in millions of hearts.

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