TCL S305 series Roku TV (2017) review

Here’s the thing about small TVs: Their picture quality is pretty much all the same.

TV manufacturers tend to pour their effort and latest image-enhancing extras like 4Kand HDR into larger models that will be used in more demanding viewing environments, and incidentally can be sold for a higher profit. In the world of small, bedroom-sized TVs — I’m talking 43 inches and smaller — the focus is on reducing cost to hit a price point.

So what separates a good small TV from the pack? In my book it’s convenience and ease of use, and nobody does that better than Roku TVs. Chinese TV maker TCL is the leader in televisions powered by the Roku operating system, the same one found in my favorite external streaming devices. Roku streaming, complete with thousands of apps and a dead-simple menu system, is built right into the TV, and everything is controlled by one remote.

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