Sony BRAVIA X850E (XBR-65X850E) review

Sony’s 2016 flagship televisions, the Sony 65ZD9 and X930D, were two highly regarded big screens last year and were among our favorite TVs in the company’s AV arsenal. And though they were fantastic to stare at, the problem with Sony’s flagships were their exorbitant price tags.

Sony is still offering pricey screens this year in the form of the A1E OLED and X930E, however it’s also offering great budget sets like the X850E series as well.

So how does Sony’s budget series stack up to its more expensive competition? Surprisingly well, actually.


The XBR-65X850E cuts a pretty pleasant dash in your living room. Its bezel is trim, its desktop stand is mounted in the centre for easy seating on even narrow bits of furniture, and the stand’s open frame design gives it a ‘barely there’ look that leaves you free to focus on the on-screen action.

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