Fossil Q Marshal India review

Renowned watchmaker Fossil has received enough praise for its analog watches. The company expanded its business to smartwatches in 2015, making sure they don’t lag behind in the race to smarter future. Fossil brought Q series smartwatches to India in October last year, competing with the likes of Apple, Moto, Huawei, Samsung.

Fossil Q Marshal is the freshest product in the Q series line-up and costs Rs 21,995. Looking at the competing smartwatches, the price seems reasonable as most of them are priced around the same price range. Also, we cannot ignore that Fossil is a premium watchmaker with impactful brand image.

I have been using the Q Marshal for over 40 days; it feels like an Android Wear watch but the design and looks are something that make it remarkable. My experience with the smartwatch was more on the positive side, but frankly, I am not a very big fan of Android Wear UI.

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