Sony Bravia AF8 hands-on review : This could be the affordable Sony 4K OLED we’ve been waiting for…

Sony’s A1 OLED was one of our favourite TVs of last year, with just one sticking point: its £3500 starting price meant you needed a pretty sizeable budget to find a spot for it in your living room.

A year on, the company is adding a second 4K OLED to its line-up. The AF8 (or the A8F as it will be known stateside) will sit below the A1 but comes with plenty of the same smarts, an updated design and – most crucially – the hint of a lower price tag.

We got to take a first look at it on Sony’s stand to see how it squares up to the increasingly hot OLED competition.


While the A1’s ‘standless’ design was nice to look at, it wasn’t exactly the most practical.

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