ASUS ZenFone Max Plus M1 Review: Is ASUS’ First 18:9 Phone Worth It?

The 18:9 aspect ratio is becoming the defacto required feature for mid-range phones to even stand a chance in an extremely competitive market. Taiwanese manufacturer ASUS is well aware of this, and has released an updated version of their battery-focused ZenFone Max to take advantage of the new design trend. The ZenFone Max Plus M1 trades a few hundred mAh in favor of a full HD, 18:9 display and better cameras which would have been fine trade-off if it wasn’t for a puzzling processor choice that gums up the works. 

Is the ZenFone Max Plus M1 truly a battery king? We’ll find out. But first, the specs:

ZenFone Max Plus M1 Specs
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