Sonus Faber Olympica Nova II review

Sonus Faber has used a rather unusual cabinet design for its Olympica Nova II loudspeakers. Whereas most loudspeaker designers opt for one of the two enclosure types whose physics are best-known – either a bass-reflex enclosure or a completely sealed enclosure – this Italian company uses an unusual ‘aperiodic’ enclosure for its Olympic Nova II… and it’s not even a ‘standard’ aperiodic enclosure, but an unusual variant of it which Sonus Faber calls ‘para-aperiodic’.

The Olympica Nova range replaces the long-running Olympica range, but in many respects, the two ranges have similar appearances and share similar technologies. This is precisely why Sonus Faber used the Italian word ‘nova’, which in English means ‘new’ to describe the range, so that in English, the model reviewed here would be the ‘New Olympica II’, but in Italian, it’s the ‘Olympica Nova II.’

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