Sharp Aquos LC-75N8000U LCD Ultra HDTV Review

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Sharp Aquos LC-75N8000U LCD Ultra HDTV Review

The arrival of a hulking 75-inch Ultra HDTV on your doorstep would be something you’d ideally want to coincide with a worthy media spectacle—the Super Bowl, for instance. In my case, however, the delivery of the Sharp Aquos LC-75N8000U synced up perfectly with the broadcast of the first Presidential debate. Lucky me: I got to witness what perhaps were the two most unpopular candidates in history assail each other’s character at near-life-size.

I could just mention here that the TV did a good job conveying Hillary’s red suit and The Donald’s pumpkin-like skintone, and leave it at that. But there’s much more to say about Sharp’s 75-incher. First, the LC-75N8000U is the first Sharp set we’ve tested since that brand was resurrected by Hisense, the Chinese manufacturer that bought out the flailing Japanese company’s American TV business in 2015.

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